Tuesday, 13 November 2007

Argentine Barra Bravas Denounced by Guns Registry

The National Registry of Arms (Renar) in Argentina has denounced various known football hooligans for the illegal possession of firearms.

Adrián Rousseau and Alan Schlenker of River Plate were the two primary names mentioned by the Registry, who also provided a list of other persons linked to football violence in Argentina that are thought to hold illegal firearms:

Pablo Cucaracha Girón, Rubén Oveja Pintos, Ariel El Colo Luna, Pablo Bebote Alvarez, Eduardo Monzón Valle, Matías Kevin Kraft, Emanuel Rocky Raposso, William Schlenker, Alejandro Raba Torres, Carlos Urko Berón, Víctor Toddy Videla, Maximiliano Pluto Lococo and Alejandro Balá Echeverry.

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