Saturday, 6 December 2008

Uruguay: Apertura Resumes After Security Closure

The Uruguayan Apertura championship will fully resume this Saturday following a two week break due to fan violence in the fixture between Danubio and Nacional on the 16th November.

On that day, Nacional fans broke their way through the fencing surrounding the pitch at the final whistle and preceded to battle with Danubio supporters in a mass brawl that included the use of metal bars and other such objects as weapons.

The league was suspended on the 17th November, with the Uruguayan football association and the government Ministry of the Interior involved in talks ever since to draw up a plan to limit the violence seen in stadiums across the country.

A resolution was reached on Tuesday that will see extra security measures such as closed-circuit television, metal detectors and breathalyser tests to identify drunken fans brought into use.

However, the plans are only seen as a temporary solution by many club presidents, who are worried about the financial implications of implementing the measures on a full-time basis.

"The measures that have been agreed upon are only so that the football can continue this year," Danubio president Arturo del Campo stated on Friday.

"We had twenty days to save the Apertura, so we agreed to the plans. But, for the future, everything is subject to the approval of all the clubs," he affirmed.

"There is no doubt this solution is a temporary one," Defensor Sporting president Fernando Sobral agreed.

The Apertura restarts with Nacional one point clear of Danubio at the top of the table with four rounds left to play.

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