Saturday, 24 November 2007

Tevez: Five More Years Then I'll Return to Boca

Carlos Tevez has told The Sun that he intends to spend five more years in Europe - preferably with Manchester United - before returning to Boca Juniors when he is 28.

"At 28, I want to be in Boca. I have another year on my contract with Manchester and I could extend it for four years more then return.

"But I want to return to Boca at my peak not as some fatso. Imagine if you cannot move - they'd scream insults at you. If I return it will be to get stuck in and play."

Like many ex-Boca players, Tevez has the club close to his heart, having supported them since he was a child and would like to return and repay his debt to the club who raised him as a footballer.

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