Friday, 23 November 2007

Breno's Father Thinks Bayern Would Be The Best Move

Breno has been linked with a number of top European clubs such as Real Madrid and AC Milan, but it seems that his father is set on a move to Bayern Munich after he was given a tour of their facilities.

Speaking to Lance!, Breno senior said:

"I'm ready to take the kid there. From what I've seen it's a great idea for Breno to join Bayern."

"That's no disrespect towards São Paulo, but they really have some incredible installations there and I also talked a lot with Zé Roberto [ex-Santos], and analysed everything that I had seen before coming to this conclusion."

It seems Breno is keen to get straight into first team football and Bayern are willing to offer that to the young Brazilian, whereas Real and Milan may not be able to do so.

According to Breno senior "the only concrete proposal that's come through has been from Bayern," which seems to suggest that Breno could to set for a move to the Bundesliga come January.

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