Wednesday, 7 November 2007

Unrest at Racing Club

Following their 3-0 home defeat to Boca Juniors at the weekend, stories have been emerging from Racing Club de Avellaneda of unrest amongst the players, with several thought to have exchanged heated views in the dressing room after the match.

Adrian Bastia is thought to have argued strongly with Maxi Estevez and Facundo Sava, especially over the perceived lack of effort from some of the younger players in the squad.

Estevez was quoted on Monday as saying:

"Compared with the champion of the 2001 [Racing won the Apertura that year], this group would need to be more united. Here, not everyone follows the leader when he shouts, we must all work for the same side"

However, when interviewed yesterday, Estevez denied that he had a falling out with Bastia, or that there were major problems in the Racing dressing room:

"I never spoke of problems in the group. They put that I fought with Bastía and is not thus. If I said something off the record, it was taken out of context"

Racing currently lie 14th in this year's Apertura with four games remaining.

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