Thursday, 22 November 2007

Riquelme on the Verge of Boca Return

Reports coming out of Argentina suggest that Boca Juniors have agreed terms with Villarreal for the transfer of Juan Riquelme in January, with only a couple of loose ends to be tied up before the deal can be confirmed.

The primary concern seems to be the tax that Riquelme will pay on his earnings in Argentina. Although Boca are seemingly content to pay him the same as Villarreal, the greater income tax in Argentina will result in Riquelme losing one million dollars a year in comparison.

Riquelme himself has said that he wants the remaining issues to be resolved as soon as possible, with Boca hoping that Villarreal will pay the tax deficit in order for Riquelme to receive the extra money as a one off payment whilst still a Spanish citizen.

FIFA are thought to have denied Boca permission to use Riquelme in the upcoming World Cup Championship and he will instead move at the start of the January transfer window if the deal is completed.

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