Thursday, 8 November 2007

One Man Dead and Three Wounded After Peru's Superclasico

The meeting last night of the two fiercest rivals in Peruvian football, Alianza Lima and Universitario ended in tragedy, as one man was killed and three wounded after two hundred Universitario supporters ambushed a coach of eighty Alianza fans making their way home after the game.

Edwin Joel Gastelo Gonzales, 27, was killed after being run over in the confusion caused when the two hundred delinquents, armed with machetes, knives, whips and stones, attacked a coach full of Alianza fans in the middle of the Pan American North highway.

Fellow Alianza fans Jesus Villa Astudillo (19), Willy Espinoza Santos (22) and Jonatan Cáceres Villanueva (21) were also wounded in the attack.

Further coaches of Alianza supporters, hearing about the death of their fellow fan, decided to exact revenge and fought with the delinquents until over one hundred and fifty police officers turned up at the scene to diffuse the situation.

This is not the first time supporters of the two clubs have clashed, with the two main groups of Barra Bravas, Comando Svr (Alianza) and Trinchera North (Universitario), having been involved in many similar scraps over the years.

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