Thursday, 8 November 2007

Newcastle to Make Bid for Riquelme?

Newcastle United are the latest club to be linked with a move for Juan Riquelme in January, with The Sun reporting that the Premiership side are willing to pay £8million to take the Argentine to St James's Park.

However, it seems unlikely to me that there is any truth to this news.

Under Sam Allardyce, Newcastle have continued in the tradition of his Bolton side, playing relatively long balls forward and constantly scrapping to win the second ball. I fail to see how a playmaker, such as Riquelme, would fit into this tactical approach, as he would be constantly bypassed by the longer balls.

In addition to this, Riquelme has stated, on numerous occasions that he wishes to move to a team in a country where the native language is either Spanish or Italian, as he wants his children to grow up with these languages. Newcastle is neither of these, in fact some may argue they do not even speak normal English.

When you consider these issues, the likelihood of Riquelme going to Newcastle in January is severly limited.


Anonymous said...

NICK what do you mean geordies dont speak english!southern women love the geordie tounge...onto riquelme your spot on he has no intension of coming to these he has stated...neil newcastle

Nick D said...

It was rather tongue in cheek, like!