Monday, 1 October 2007

Media Watch: Riquelme to Man City

The People ran an exclusive story yesterday, claiming that Manchester City were lining up a £6million bid to prise Juan Riquelme away from Atletico Madrid.

Atletico Madrid? He is still registered to Villarreal!

Worse still, the story does actually describe the fact that his move to Boca Juniors didn't materialise, but then states that he signed for Atletico Madrid, which simply isn't true. He went for talks with Atletico on the transfer deadline day, but terms were not agreed, and he has languished in the Villarreal reserves ever since.

Unfortunately, this has now been copied by the other sites who have reported this news, including All3points and The Daily Mail.

The People is hardly renowned as an accurate source, but this is the sort of error a little research would go a long way to avoiding.

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