Thursday, 18 October 2007

Basile: "Tevez is my Number Nine"

Alfio Basile has confirmed Carlos Tevez's position as his number one choice for the main striker role in the Argentine national team.

The press in Argentina felt that Tevez underperformed in the first two 2010 qualifiers, but Basile was quick to respond to suggestions that Tevez may be dropped in favour of a more typical target man such as German Denis:

"Tevez has the title of number nine. I am going it to say every day. I choose by him at the present time.

"I will always play those that I like. When I am mistaken, I am mistaken. And when I am successful, I am successful".

With Hernan Crespo expected to be back to full fitness for the next round of qualifiers, it will be interesting to see if Tevez does actually keep his place in the starting lineup.

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