Wednesday, 25 July 2007

New PS2 Winning Eleven game out next week

J.League Winning Eleven 2007 Club Championship comes out next week for the Playstation 2 in Japan. The series is better known in the UK as Pro Evolution Soccer.

This entry should be of particular interest to Latin American soccer fans as Argentine side River Plate are officially licensed for the first time. This means correct player names, correct shirt designs (including make, sponser) and likenesses. It would be a good bet to say that their stadium will also be included in the new game.

Hopefully, this also indicates that more Latin American teams will be included in the next version.

As well as River's licensing, there is another addition to the game which sounds very interesting. Fantasista mode allows you to control only one player on the pitch (ala Libero Grande) as you take them through a football career. From the screenshots it looks like this could work well and it is hopefully something that will be included when the series hits the PS3 later this year.

The game can be pre-ordered from Play Asia, who have always served me well when importing myself.

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